Covid-19 romanticisms

By Anonymous.

Hello there,
I like your club. Very nice.Thought I would share some posters I have been making.Plastered in the city of Eindhoven, Netherlands.

I think they came from an idea similar to yours. Keeping creative. Make sure people see there is still creativity, even though museums and galleries and music venues are all shut. Finding new ways or exploring old ways to 

I just killed a moth. Sorry. It was a violent interruption to my email. I have a moth infestation. They live in my couscous and muesli. Bloody annoying.

Sorryso yeh, finding new ways/exploring old ways of sharing this physical etc

insta: @covid19_romanticisms

I’m going to stay anonymous just because it’s more fun. I like hearing my friends talk about the posters without them knowing it’s me. “they’re quite cute aren’t they”, I say. “yes, i wonder who’s doing them”, my friend says. “yes, me too”, I say

All the best! ciao

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