My Poetryflush of today :D

By Tabi.

Hey Captains of the Pots Here is my Poetryflush of today 😀

Enjoy and stay safe!



It’s better to stick together 

Than to go forward alone

It’s better to hold your hand 

than standing alone on a precipice 

It is better to have hope 

Than to go down hopelessly 

It is better to have trust

And to stand by yourself

Than to imitate and play as your someone else. 

It’s better to laugh at your mistakes 

Than loosing too many tears 

It is better to break new ground 

Than entrenched stuck roads,

that thousands of people have entered before. 

It’s better to fall out of the pattern

Than to look like everyone else

It’s better to have your own opinion 

Than to go down meaninglessly.

It’s better to take courage and try 

Than to do nothing and accept it without resistance

It’s better to risk everything for your dream 

than to find out at the end of your life

That maybe all these years you didn’t understand 

How to live it right. 

#quarantinepoetry #poetryshitforthisday #poesiegegencoronapandemie

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