Poems Before and After D Lock

By Orchidpoetry

Poems before D Locked. 

Twenty four- A Birthday For My Mother

The point of no beginning 

Has happened with the day

The threshold where it slides into 


And all the people with their engines are go.

A Person is a process

The longer I look at you the more

You change

Here in our spring shadows

We thank the storm for subsiding.

A Birthday for my mother

The day she gave birth.

And we have both decided to shine

With warm glows

On a reflective world

Full of hope

Afternoon before night-birds bringing the moon

Trace your eye

With the movement 

Of a flock of winged things.

Ley led me to,

A full moon

Sheltering beyond

The haze of day

Blending with a 

Tactile blue

Waiting to transpose

With a flight

Of dense night. 

The Muted Sun

Has brought it into focus, 

A day of passes 

Thank you I am alive.

The task is

A state of being

Unlike that of dying

It’s not so different-the divide,

When you’re out here.

The heaviest of waters

Can be moved by the gentlest of breeze

Children play the world with an open heart.

And the fallen

Tree’s rub the base

Of ones in work.

And right before the day is

Made to fade

We know in our bones

Another is underway.

Poems after D lock


We have just found out about the ‘lockdown’ of the UK which basically means we can’t leave the house except to buy food, go to work and do a bit of exercise.
When we all found out in our house, Alicia, Kizzie, Bryher Wallsey and I buzzed around the kitchen and house like an ants nest that had been disturbed by a child’s stone throw. We were the collective hive finding a means back to itself through the panic. 

Lock Down

Aren’t we just..

Those ant hills


Reacting near

A mere stones throw away.

Sought the child to the broken


As it tried to recollective-ise

Under a banner

That said


We thought the world

And how we thought of

Ourselves as

The main characters 

In a series of smoke rings we called

This age

Because we pierce the barrier of sound 

A billion connected things had been


Subtler instruments 

We called mating

But were in fact closer 

To our noise than



What am I dreaming? 

It came so suddenly last night. 

Visuals that feel like insight. 

Good god, what have I been believing?

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