A New Found Love of Winter

By Tegwen Evans

Playing with process and rejecting ever finishing a work, messing with the idea of being productive.
“A New Found Love of Winter” is a piece I made as winter left and spring came. It is an analogue film video of me painting myself as I remember from a dream I had. I wanted to do this for me, not for any art world or even necessarily a relatable message. I wanted to layer reality. I tried to do this by choosing a raw truthful medium, analogue film, to shoot painting a memory of a dream. The sounds are the soundscapes around every time I thought of that dream in the following weeks. I wanted to practice listening to myself to get creativity, rather than thinking about what makes the most sense or will be liked.
Now that spring has come and we aren’t able to really embrace it how we have in the past, I took time to reflect on this piece and think about what was important to me. I made a life size hand sculpture holding the candle (that I held in the film). The candle has energies of death and hope to me, and its cheap plastic case warmed my hand.

Im trying to find time to elongate processes, experiment with layering interpretation, and escape every night in dreams. This isn’t the last step in this game of “telephone” I’m playing with my own work. Constantly responding, not reworking, not finishing. 


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Short film March 2020 8mm film By Tegwen Evans

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