Now that we are all physically cocooned in our homes, how can we build a spiritual cocoon to emerge as beautiful butterflies?

With all of this time spent in isolation I must admit that I have been doing my fair share of navel gazing. Looking back over my own life, I have come to an important realisation. Every time that something  shattered my world leaving me vulnerable, it was followed by something equally as amazing happening. Not immediately, or on my timing, but eventually – every time. Each time my cup was emptied, it was filled with something more delicious, more potent, and more in line with the tastes that I had acquired but was not yet fully aware of. Something profoundly wonderful happens when we open ourselves up to vulnerability.

When I gave birth to my daughter, I remember the moment that I surrendered to the pain. I stopped fighting it, wishing it would stop and just accepted that it was going to hurt. Giving birth hurts. When I stopped resisting the agony of the contractions and embraced what they were trying to achieve – giving me my baby – each contraction felt closer to the ultimate reward.  The most wonderful new creations and eras are usually preceded by a period of intense suffering. That is the nature of life on Earth. Through suffering we evolve and we create. Suffering gives birth to new visions. It is only when we surrender to the pain, and allow it to hurt, and feel it to the core of our beings, that we can receive its blessing. I remain hopeful that this period of suffering will give birth to a new era. The air has been pregnant with a desire for change for a long time. 

A caterpillar dissolves entirely before emerging as a beautiful butterfly. What a beautiful image to keep in our hearts in these dark times. It must be dark inside of a cocoon or an egg or womb, but there is a new world waiting for us once we emerge.


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