Radical Softness Photo Series

By Tegwen Evans

When I first heard the term  “Radical Softness” I feel in love with it. 

“Radical”: I see New York 1960’s anti-war hippies with peace signs. I see my first May 1st in Berlin. I see the most creative drag pieces. Now my friends hopping a fence. Dropping out of school. Shaving my head. I see empowerment in individuality.

“Softness”: I feel light velvet, my nieces new born cheeks, the last hug and cry I had with someone I love. I see myself feeling beautiful in the mirror. And I remember every moment of vulnerability in the past that I felt ashamed of.

Words echo: “over-sharing”, “drama-queen”, “cry-baby”, “so sensitive”. Despite these words haunting my mind for so long, I always wanted to remain soft. Because… that shit is fucking radical. Because these words are honest expressions of Radical Softness that we can be proud of. 
So here are the first 16 photos of the series “Radical Softness”.


Photos by Tegwen Evans.

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