Seks in tijden van corona



We are collecting fantasies for the erotic archive ‘Sex in times of Corona’! This archive is for everyone looking for a way to deal with sex in times of quarantine. Though it’s definitely not the biggest problem of this pandemic, it is a fact that single people* will have far less sex the coming period. We see this as an opportunity to fantasise about a theme that should have been put forward long ago: communal masturbation.

As of now, we are therefore collecting erotic fantasies. These can be based on real events, completely made up, apocalyptic, romantic, juicy, explicit or conceptual. They can also be (fictive) sexting conversations. You can send your stories, as anonymous as you wish, to or to our special Archive-whatsapp/telegram 0647240465. You can also send us voice messages. Please forward this message!

*or people in relationships structured differently than the nuclear model, or people in sexless relationships, or people who have their kids at home 24/7, or anyone else trying to navigate quarantine and intimacy

CPC Note. Submissions can be made in any language.

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