Looking For Something That We Maybe Forgot About

By Elsa Groener 

letar efter någonting som vi kanske glömde bort

A short film about a feeling of having lost something, but not really being sure of what that thing is. How do you look for something you maybe never had? It relates to the fact that my mother was adopted and I am trying to find that woman, that mother who grew my mom in her body, whose blood I am connected to in some way, in order to connect my loose ends or something like that. I have met her, once, but I am still looking for her. Does that make sense? I saw her in a dream last week. Maybe I am getting closer.

That got really personal haha but what the heck it’s a crisis-state we are in, what other way is there than to just dive in and go deep and just fucking share? (sorry for swearing)

“Looking For Something That We Maybe Forgot About”
This video is a submission to ‘The Chamber Pot Club’ by Elsa Groener and belongs to them.

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