Welcome to the Chamber Pot Club

The official Logo of the CPC. The all seeing eye of waste and lost oppertunity.

‘When you gotta go, you gotta go.

The sincere aim of ‘The CPC’ is to create a feeling of community during this isolated period. A way to stay in touch with our loved ones and potentially make some new friends. Please contribute and enjoy.

What is ‘The CPC?’

Due to a series of very peculiar and unforeseen circumstances, it is no longer possible to go outside. It’s a real shame— as many of us were looking forward to doing lots of things and now find ourselves confined to our homes for the foreseeable future.

The only thing that is currently certain in these unpredictable times is that all of our ‘chamber pots’ will soon be overflowing with the things that we usually do outside in the world. That’s why we created ‘The CPC.’

‘The CPC’ is a place for all the things you’re doing, thinking, exploring and creating during this quarantine, that otherwise might not get seen outside of your bedroom. It’s terrible to think of all that waste running down our empty streets. We want to be your first port of call over the coming days for anything and everything that you’d like to share.

What this might look like — We are taking submissions from anyone about anything. If you want to share it, we’ll love it! Music, Art, Politics, Memes, Fashion, Movies, Essays, Cat videos, Books, Poetry, Videogames, Cooking, Gardening. Drawing, the list is endless.