Flushing (Submissions)

Everyone is welcome to submit something for the CPC, literally anything! At any time and as often as you would like. There are no themes, restrictions or limits. It’s as simple as that. If you send something, it will get posted.

Submission guidelines-

1 Send an email to chamberpotclub@outlook.com —subject ‘MyFlush.’

2 Give your name, pseudonym or your wish for anonymity.

3 Title your post. (Can be anything.)

4 Send your content. We accept most file types/links (Could be an entire thesis paper or two words , be inventive!)

(Unfortunaly we cannot publish videos)

5 Include appropriate credits if you are sending/using someone else’s work.

6 Send your email with kisses and tell all your friends.

****The CPC does not tolerate any hate speech or bigotry, so don’t even bother sending us anything like that. It will not be included.****

We look forward to receiving your submission.

love the CPC

Or you could do it this way…